Landlord Gas Safety Certificate London

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Landlord Gas Safety Certificate London

Get the CP12 from us

Get your Landlord Gas Safety Certificate in London from us. Another name for this certificate is CP12. We are a registered and authorized company for providing services such as installation, repair, and general maintenance of gas appliances including boilers. The CP12 or gas safe certificate London is a mandatory and legal requirement. Government regulations make it compulsory for every property that has gas boilers or other gas appliances to provide the landlord gas safety certificate. These requirements include:

  • Gas certificate for new installations of gas appliances such as gas boilers.
  • Separate landlord gas certificates for every gas appliance.
  • Annual renewal of all gas certificates.
  • Grace period for gas safety certificate of 10-12 months.
  • All the above have to be carried out by companies that are registered as gas safe.

CP12 Benefits

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate London is provided by gas safe companies after they have completed a gas safety check London. These inspections can have several benefits such as:

  • Identification of any faults in existing gas appliances or utilities on time.
  • Timely repairs or replacements of gas appliances or parts.
  • Compliance with statutory requirements will save you from fines
  • Annual checks will keep your environment safe.

Our process

Free Quote:

Prior to conducting a gas safety check London, we will set up an account in your name for keeping your gas safety record. We will provide you with a free quote for our services.

Gas Documents:

You will receive your gas check documents in your mail, the next thing you should do is call us.

Inspection Date:

In order to provide you with your Landlord Gas Safety Certificate London, our engineers will conduct a detailed survey of all your gas appliances. Our engineers will check and test every appliance before labelling it as cleared. The entire process does not usually take more than a day.

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Repairs & Servicing:

If your gas appliances are found in need of repair or general servicing, our engineers will provide these services to make sure that all your appliances comply with government regulations. Our engineers carry most of the supplies with them so minor repairs should not be a problem.


Once the inspection is complete, you will receive your Gas Safe Certificate London a few days after the inspection.

Why Us?

Gas Safe

Our engineers are registered as gas safe and therefore are authorized to provide you with all services related to gas appliances including inspection for providing landlord gas certificates. Our gas-safe engineers are highly trained and are equipped with the most modern tools to provide inspection, repair, and replacement services for any of your gas appliances. Get your gas safe certificate London from us to ensure that you do not run into any legal trouble. Once you are listed with us, our engineers will contact you every year prior to the expiry of your grace period for gas safety certificate

Affordable Prices

Your gas safety check cost depends on the number of gas appliances installed at your premises and any repair or replacement services that you may require as a result of the inspection.  We provide the most affordable landlord gas safety certificate cost compared to our competitors. Inspections have many benefits and you should not ignore them just because they are an expense. These periodic inspections can save your repair and replacement costs. Our engineers will do their best to keep your gas safety check cost within your budget.

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Contact us on our registered number and talk to our representative in detail regarding your landlord gas safety certificate London. We offer the lowest landlord gas safety certificate cost and the most effective inspection services. You can also contact us online through our website and request a free quote by filling out our online form.

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